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Fee Strike Rally features rhetorical heavyweights; Jeremy Corbyn

Pictured left to right: Education officer Bali Birch-Lee, Jeremy Corbyn, Howard Beckett, Fee Strike Volunteers.  An estimated 200-300 students attended last Wednesday’s Fee Strike rally at John Watkins Plaza. It featured a lineup of fifteen speakers, including ex-Labour leader Jeremy…

Notes from the Director’s Q&A: Director Shafik proud of year’s achievements

In the latest student and director Q&A, LSE’s leadership team expressed their pride in all that has been achieved in the last year, the ongoing support from the university and its plans for the future.

LSE announce new assessment support package

LSE to provide an assessment support package to all students to ease pressure on the Summer Term assessment period

LSE Undergraduate awarded prestigious Points of Light award

Rory Moore has been awarded a Points of Light award for outstanding service to the community by the Prime Minister and the United Nations

Urbanest rent strikes see further developments

A petition lobbied at private accommodation provider urbanest, in light of recent rent strikes from an inter-collegiate group of students, has now seen wider attention, publicity, and an official response.   Dan Lawes, speaking for the campaign, told The Beaver that…

Urbanest rent strikers demand accountability

Following the development of rent strikes in LSE-owned accommodation, student strikers’ attention has now turned to demanding accountability from private student accommodation providers in London. One petition, created by an intercollegiate student group living in housing provided by urbanest, reached…

New online LSE exhibition calls for improved Global North research practices in the Global South

“Let’s ask Congolese experts what there should be a focus on instead of imposing our own ideas.”

LSE Cleaners stage Online Day of Action

On 11 December 2020 the Justice for LSE Cleaners Campaign organised an online day of action and called upon supporters to send out a pre-formed email to demand greater safety for staff. This email follows another sent to LSE Chief…

Black Friday is dangerous – For both students and the planet

November is one of the worst months on the ecologist’s calendar. And on my list, the very worst culprit of wastefulness and unsustainability is Black Friday – the mammoth spending holiday expected to be worth £6 billion to the British…