Yannick Kauffmann
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LSE & Sports: Battle of Berrylands

Picture this: you’ve woken up far too early on the Saturday after Welcome Week, feel a bit under the weather after five days and nights of partying courtesy of the LSESU RAG Band, and now somehow find yourself at Waterloo…

LSE & Sports: Bragging Rights

4423 games played, a win percentage of 48.86%, and poor head-to-head records against King’s College London (King’s) and University College London (UCL): these are some of the key findings uncovered in the previous article of this series. Now we shift…

LSE & Sports: Are We Any Good?

Have you ever wondered which university LSE has played, won, drawn, or lost against the most; or how LSE’s record has evolved over the years; or if LSE is better than UCL, King’s, or Imperial? If yes, buckle up, you’re in for a ride.