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Founded in 1949, The Beaver functions as the official newspaper of the LSE Students’ Union. Our team — spread across news-focused Frontside, disarmingly creative Flipside, and tongue-in-cheek Beaver Sound — consists of casual contributors, staff writers, editors, illustrators, photographers, podcastors and more. We have a long history of substantive news coverage and insightful commentary.

But we are also far more than just a newsroom.

As one of the oldest student newspapers in the UK, we’ve seen it all: christened by George Bernard Shaw, being subjected to several makeovers, surviving LSE’s turbulent history and emerging to be one of the most respected and widely read student newspapers today.

In 2018, we launched The Beaver’s magazine: Flipside. Divided into four different sections — Review, Social, Part B and Sport — the magazine is printed upside down, literally requiring the user to flip the paper around to read it, allowing for a thorough exploration of creative journalism on campus. Apart from the sections, Flipside’s primary feature is an interview with one or more students at LSE, highlighting the outstanding creative work and achievements of the community at the university.

Beaver Sound was launched in 2019, as an outlet for podcasts produced by The Beaver. In 2020 it was shortlisted for best overall Digital Media at the 2020 Student Publication Awards. The podcasts — published on Spotify — aim to represent the international student community of LSE, with topical discussion and a deep dive into the conversations being had around campus.

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