Bangity Bang Pt. 2: Brent Faiyaz ★★★★

Life is funny sometimes: you spend a damn eternity picking out twenty songs for The Bang Playlist, and then Brent Faiyaz turns up with the sexiest album of 2020 – Fuck the World. Faiyaz’s latest album is a great option when considering tracks for your own bang playlist.

While you can pick and choose your favourite songs from the tracklist, you can just as easily play the album from start to finish. The songs all exude the same vibe and fit within a specific atmosphere (bangity bang). The tracklist has no features and removes any potentially jarring transitions.

If you have to choose specific songs from the tracklist, a few stand out. Skyline introduces us to Faiyaz’s album by bringing his voice to the forefront over slow-paced background vocals and instrumentals. Let Me Know best exemplifies the album as a whole, giving us some of the smoothest drums, vocals, and vibes (it sounds like if the song had been regularly applying lotion for several weeks at reasonable intervals). This may be the song you should start off with if you want to get a good grasp of the album as a whole. 

If I could have a redo of the Bang Playlist, there would certainly be some Brent Faiyaz on it. This album exudes sex. Fuck The World? More like Fuck ME.


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