Guide: What you should know about the LSE response to Coronavirus

The Beaver aims to keep an updated list of all the available information on the LSE response to the COVID-19 pandemic. LSE has an FAQ page with updated information, and the UK government has instructions and help online.

Online assessment 

Assessment has gone online, with most departments notifying students of the mode of assessment in the past week. New timetables for online assessment will be released on Friday 3rd April. 

The Eden Centre – LSE’s education innovation and delivery leader – is leading coordination efforts on this matter. It has recommended two main types of assessment: 7 day online exams, or 24hs online exams.

The Beaver understands that LSE aims to deliver results on the previously set date (16 July for most programmes).

Campus, Library and Halls 

Campus and library are closed. With travel in the UK restricted, this means that for the foreseeable future access to campus is impossible. Library enquiries can be sent to

Halls, on the other hand, are open for those students who wish to remain there. Strict lockdown is being observed. In an email to the school community, Andrew Young stated that early leaver forms can be filled to let the university know you are vacating halls. 

Petitions have been made from students who ask for refunds if they have vacated their halls. In response, halls will refund summer term fees for students who have left or will leave before the 4th April (email your halls of residence to get more information on the matter).

Visa implications for international students

LSE’s International Student Visa Advice Team is updating their Covid-19 FAQs. The UK government has made concession to avoid as much disruption as possible, their website details more information. 

Hardship Funds and Help 

If you are undergoing financial difficulties, LSE and LSESU have several ways of helping. The LSESU Hardship fund, for instance, is open and supporting students without access to a computer. 

The LSESU Advice Centre and LSE Disability and Wellbeing Service are running online consultations and are open as usual (online). 

[The Beaver aims to keep this page updated as much as possible. If you think we should add anything or amend any information, please let us know at]


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