LSE Limelight #4: Emilia!

“She was the first female published poet in the UK and she’s led this incredible life, but the only thing that has been written about her is that she was a whore.” – Zehra Jafree, telling us about Emilia Bassano.

This week we’re speaking to Zehra Jafree, the director of Emilia! an LSE SU Drama Society production. We talk about the play’s themes, an all-female cast and production team, and why people should buy tickets. The performance nights are the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December. Tickets can be bought on the LSE SU website. Check out more from LSE SU Drama Society here!

This is LSE Limelight from the Beaver Sound. We bring you all the best stories from students and groups around campus.

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