LSESU aiming for “upgrade” through special resolution

The LSESU is trying to update its articles of association via a special resolution, which requires a general meeting set to be held on 1st June at 5pm. The articles of association are essentially the union’s governing articles, which structure how the charity is run. Proposed changes include the possibility to remove Sabbatical officers through a vote of no confidence, and the lowering of quorum requirements. 

Sources in the Union have told The Beaver that these changes are mostly designed to bring the organisation up to standard, including the possibility to add more external advisors to the trustee board and further flexibility to the way the Union operates. In advertising the changes, the Union says they will “1) Bring more expertise onto the Trustee Board 2) Help students concentrate on issues that affect their education and life rather than administration 3) Provide flexibility and allow the Union to respond more quickly to a changing student membership 4) Update to bring us in line with best practice across the SU sector”. 

Apart from these administrative changes, the proposed new articles of association will allow for votes of no confidence, and completely delete the 15% quoracy for referendums, meaning that these can pass regardless of turnout. Additionally “The stipulation that policy passed through a referendum lasts for three years” would be removed. 

For the articles to pass, the special resolution needs a 15% quoracy and 75% approval. Proxy voting is in place until 31 May, meaning that students can vote to approve or reject the changes in advance of the meeting on 1 June. 


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