The Last Dam Word #2: February ’20

“Rupert Everett was the first guest to ever say shag on the show – I know scandalising Radio 4 listeners!” – Molly Horner on her exploration of the Desert Island Discs Archive.

For February we rave about Parasite, dive back into the Desert Island Discs archives, and discuss what’s on in the theatre! Our wonderful presenters are Zehra Jafree, Amber Iglesia, Molly Horner.

Welcome to The Last Dam Word from the Review team at The Beaver, a Beaver Sound creation! We’ll be coming to you at the end of each month to chat about the good, the bad and ugly of arts and culture.

Edited and produced by Yasmina O’Sullivan.
Illustration by Raphaelle Camarcat.
Music by Ash Layo-Masing.

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