The Last Dam Word #3: March ’20

“I want to learn all the dances, and I just can’t throw it back, and oh it’s terrible, I hate myself, but also it’s the only solace I have in quarantine land.” – Zehra Jafree ranting about Tik Tok.

For March we talk about how we’ve been loving Tiger King, The National Theatre streaming shows and more! Our wonderful presenters are Zehra Jafree, Amber Iglesia, Molly Horner.

Welcome to The Last Dam Word from the Review team at The Beaver, a Beaver Sound creation! We’ll be coming to you at the end of each month to chat about the good, the bad and ugly of arts and culture.

Edited and produced by Yasmina O’Sullivan.
Illustration by Raphaelle Camarcat.
Music by Ash Layo-Masing.


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