Comment: The LSESU election and the Chinese population


LSE would not exist without its Chinese international students. The Chinese student population is large, and, while the average tuition fee for a domestic and EU student at LSE is £9250, the average tuition fee of an international student from China, Malaysia, or Singapore is double that at £21,570. In that sense, LSE is built upon Chinese students: its pupils are Chinese, its funding comes from the fruits of Chinese labour. 


This leads to an interesting question: why is the LSESU so unrepresentative? Of the 16 student officer positions, not a single one is held by someone who can reasonably claim to be Chinese, either a citizen of the People’s Republic or an overseas compatriot. 


The severity of the situation goes further. Even the smallest of nations are represented in the LSESU; larger states such as the United States and Germany have their societies, as do smaller states like Japan and Canada. So why is it that we Chinese do not have our own society inside the SU? Why is it that the society which represents so many of us, the Chinese Scholars and Students Association, not a member of the SU?


It is because the SU does not represent us, though this is not really a fault of the SU. Is it any surprise that an institution elects White, Black, and Brown candidates if those that vote for them are also of the same heritage?


The Chinese population is an integral part of LSE, if not the most integral. We make up a plurality of the population and tuition base. It is beneath the dignity of a great people to be so shamefully underrepresented. It is not the institution that is shameful, but our own negligence. If we want to be noticed, then we must let them know we exist. Do not let them take £21,000 for nothing and pretend that we are irrelevant. Do not let them ignore a massive population without repercussions. If you want to make your voice heard, then you must participate. If you do not wish to be taken advantage of, you must not meekly accept. Vote, run for office, campaign, do anything, so long as it is not nothing

即便不是LSE最重要的一部分,不可否认的,中国学生也是LSE不可或缺的一部分。中国学生们也是我们学校最重要的生源以及学费来源之一。然而不幸的是, 中国学生却在学联中面临严重的代表不足的问题。造成这种局面的不是学校,反而是我们中国学生自己对于这一问题的漠不关心。如果我们希望得到应有的重视,那么我们必须让大家意识到我们的存在。不要让他们白白拿走£21,000的同时把我们当作毫不相关的人。不要让他们忽视一个重要的群体的同时,不考虑这一行为会带来的恶果。如果你希望你的声音被重视,那么你必须要加入这一行动。如果你不希望被利用,那么你一定不要逆来顺受。同学们,请不要对我们的处境坐视不理!行动起来,要么投票,要么参加竞选,做出我们任何力所能及的事,让人们听到我们的声音!


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