Things my little brother says

Poem by Vaishnavi Radhakrishnan, inspired by Naomi Shihab Nye’s “One boy told me”

What is awestruck?

You make me awestruck 

Why do grown-ups pray with their eyes closed?

Don’t they want to see when God says hello?

Someone left an oreo cookie open in the sky

His name is moon

If I never cut my hair will it grow till my toes

That’ll be ticklish 

I’m going to teach the bees a new song 

They always sing bzzz only 

This big onion gobbled up a baby onion

If everybody eats paints for breakfast 

Nobody would say rude words. Mean is a rude word.

My heart is definitely bigger than the size of my fist 

I home hills of happiness within it

It’s very hot today 

I can lend the sun my shades

Why don’t adults ask for bedtime stories

They too can have good dreams like me

Don’t mess with me today

I’m a ninja or a power ranger depending on my costume

Can fishes blink?

Why do we read only from left to write? 

If we read from right to left 

Love would sound like e-v-o-l (evil) 

I hope love never becomes evil

For infinity years.


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