Breaking: Storm Eunice sweeps over the UK

By Aditya A.

Strong gusts of wind accompanying the Storm Eunice have caused the UK Met Office to issue a Red Weather Warning, the highest state of alert for dire weather conditions. 

BBC reported that Eunice is estimated to be the worst storm in England in three decades. Winds of 122mph hit the British isles, inflicting damage upon buildings and uprooting trees. The O2 arena in London was amongst the hardest-hit as its roof was ripped by heavy gales. 

The storm has brought disruptions across the country including power cuts, flights cancellations, hundreds of school closures, and blanket travel warnings. Some schools, universities and offices have partially been closed in many parts, including the LSE. 

The School advised on Friday 18 February: “Only travel to campus if absolutely necessary today.” 

Additionally, all teaching has been moved online with the university and residence halls sending mails to students urging them not to travel to campus. “The risk of flying objects in the extreme weather is severe,” warned Andrew Young, Chief Operating Officer at the LSE, in an email to students. 

Those who did travel outside today recall the ferocity of the winds as unprecedented. “It was apocalyptic,” said Matas Kvizikevičius, postgraduate student, referring to the gusts. 

The travel warnings and ensuing flight cancellations come at an unpropitious time for LSE students who planned to travel ahead of reading week. 

Following delays on his flight to Vilnius, Matas commented on this, “My flight has already been delayed by two and a half hours. I am worried that it might be cancelled. Things are still very uncertain.” 

In Ireland, a falling tree struck a man to death in County Wexford, the first recorded fatality caused by Eunice in the UK and Ireland. Three more people have been reported injured so far. 

The UK Government is convoking an emergency Cobra meeting today in order to discuss the response to Storm Eunice and Storm Dudley, which struck Eastern England earlier this week. 


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