Crossing the Globe #6: Covid-19 Returning home to Singapore

As we face a global pandemic, Crossing the Globe is exploring the stories of LSE’s international students. In their journeys from London to Home, we discuss the impact of Covid-19 on student health, wellbeing, and studies.

In this episode, we’re talking to Gabby Sng, a second-year undergrad student who flew back to Singapore following LSE’s closure. She tells us of her day-to-day experience of coping in quarantine whilst sitting exams.

“What I’ve learnt is… the resilience people have shown in rising to the occasion in this pandemic, going above and beyond.”

Welcome to Crossing the Globe with Ellie Reeves from the Beaver Sound! We explore a crossborder issue each episode using the unique eyes of LSE international students. Through learning from each other we gain a better understanding of different ways to see the globe.

If you’re an LSE international student who’s like to share your stories and represent your country just sign up to be a contributor here.


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