75th Anniversary: Diamond Dogs by David Bowie, 1974 

By Zoé Boucquillon

50 years ago today, David Bowie released Diamond Dogs and its controversial cover by Terry O’Neil. The album masters a mix of glam rock, soul, funk, and urban apocalyptic themes creating a unique musical experience that showcases Bowie’s ingenious songwriting and theatrical flair. Its bold and inventive musical arrangements draw inspiration from Nineteen Eighty Four and the writings of William Burroughs.  The album’s production incorporates avant-garde experimentation, adding to its allure, with tracks like ‘Rebel Rebel’ and ‘Diamond Dogs’ oozing raw energy. On the other hand, ‘Sweet Thing/Candidate’ demonstrates Bowie’s ability to craft intricate, multi-layered compositions, making the album one of his best and most underrated records. Diamond Dogs is a landmark work in rock history, with an unprecedented influence on the punk revolution in the years following its release. Yet its ambition and boundary-pushing innovation make it less unified than some of Bowie’s other works.

Zoé highlights an underrated Bowie record


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