Get Amongst it: Swinging For Glory

Welcome to the first in a series of snappy ‘London Activity’ blogs based on my experiences of a fun and alternative set of things to do in London, primarily designed to inform and inspire your interest to get out and get involved with some of the hundreds of original activities available right on your doorstep. Given the endless pressures of LSE, be it through 5 million upcoming essays or assessment centres, it’s so important to take a break sometimes and do something different.

I essentially wanted to start this blog because I kept seeing so many interesting things to do in London and I wanted to get amongst them – and I thought that blogging about them would be a great way to reflect on each experience. Whilst these chilling winter days are a great incentive to stay in your bed engrossed in Netflix (and chill, if you’re lucky), there is so much to do out there! So strap in, and prepare to endure a stream of semi-interesting blogs with average jokes and mediocre grammar. Feeling excited yet?

First on the list is The Greenwhich Peninsula Golf Driving Range (namely because I went just the other day). This is right on the bank of the Thames, just a short walk from North Greenwich tube station – about a half an hour tube from Holborn.

First of all, this activity is definitely not solely aimed at people with the golfing proficiency of Tiger Woods. I have literally zero skill at golfing (imagine Shrek wielding a golf club) – but still had a great few hours.

For serious individuals, the aim is to hit the golf balls into marked goals down the driving range. However, we essentially spent an hour or so smashing golf balls off the top deck of the driving range whilst sinking a few pints – and I think this is the generally adopted approach to this activity. I will claim my victory at this point having scored the highest in our group, with a grand total of 2. This was a great alternative to just going for a few drinks elsewhere, especially as the shocking golfing ability of each player made for a perfect baseline for jokes – particularly as our coordination deteriorated with each beer. I went with 3 others, but those social chameleons out there with more than 3 friends can get as many spaces as you need.

This activity is also pretty cool as its set with the epic backdrop of the Thames and Canary Wharf on one side, and the O2 stadium on the other – so if you’re into your cityscapes, this would be a perfect place to visit.

So that’s it for my brief review of this activity. Good fun, a few drinks, and a great backdrop – all for around £10 each. 10/10, would golf again. I can tell your heart is racing already.


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