Guftagu #4: Climate Change and South Asia: Ahmad Rafay Alam

“We’re here with the arctic on fire.. not because of personal actions but because there are systems at play.. and it’s challenging these systems and dismantling them that will be the challenge of your generation. There are four major systems: capitalism, patriarchy, consumerism and the fossil fuel economy”.

Welcome to Guftagu’s monthly series on Climate Change and South Asia. In this series, we sit down with climate experts and activists from around the region to explore the road ahead for South Asia in its climate challenge. 

This week, we speak to Ahmad Rafay Alam, an environmental lawyer and climate activist based in Pakistan whose work specializes in the country’s environmental issues, natural resources and urban development. We discuss the environmental concerns afflicting Pakistan’s big cities and the role that the government, industry and our citizens must play in combating them.

This episode is presented and produced by Viniyya Ikram Rao. To hear more, subscribe to us on Spotify.


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