Guftagu #5: Climate Change and South Asia: Sohara Mehroze Sachi

“So that when these young people go into positions of power at big organizations in the private sector or public sector…. they become more responsible leaders. Because that’s really what the world is lacking. It’s a leadership issue- it’s not a technical issue, not a scientific issue. Everyone knows climate change is happening and the science is not disputed…the lacking is political will.”

Welcome to the second episode of Guftagu’s monthly series, “Climate Change and South Asia”. This week, we speak to Sohara Mehroze Sachi, a development professional at the UNDP, freelance journalist and an ardent climate activist based in Bangladesh. Her work focuses on the mobilisation of youth around the climate cause and the impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups like women. We discuss her journey as a climate activist so far including insights from international climate conferences like the COPs, the unique vulnerability of Bangladesh to the effects of climate change and the responsibility that the South Asian youth must now shoulder.  

Guftagu, a podcast in collaboration with LSESU Pakistan Society, focuses on issues related to South Asian social issues, culture, identity, and politics.

This episode was produced and presented by Viniyya Ikram Rao.

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


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