There’s something special about LSELove that I think says a lot about the culture of LSE in general: it isn’t even run by an LSE student.

Now I won’t name her for legal reasons but the girl who’s supposedly behind LSELove goes to Warwick and also manages the WarwickLove page. She’s described herself as the ‘biggest BNOC in the UK’. Anyway, how pathetic is it that we couldn’t even come up with the idea of a horny confessions page ourselves?

Still, I remember a time before LSELove. It wasn’t very long ago; the page only began posting in April 2018. LSELove followed a simple model of anonymous university confession pages like UCLove and Camfess. It laid our troubles bare. In the height of the exam break before a very stressful summer exam season, it was a refuge for procrastinators, students with genuine questions and a disturbingly large number of horny people. Exams came and ended and soon enough the page went into a period of relative silence over the summer.

With the influx of freshers at the start of Michaelmas, the page returned to its normal level of activity. I won’t lie, I checked the page occasionally last term, but the start of my persona as Commenter in Chief began in the Winter break. I had gone back home to Jamaica for the holidays, but four days into my vacation I came down with a very deadly strain of the flu. I was hospitalised for a bit, and then bedridden for a week. I’m happy I didn’t die but that debacle was boring as fuck. Basically, the only thing that gave my tiny lizard brain joy was shitposting in the comments section of LSELove.

The habit was pretty hard to break, even after I’d finally gotten better and Lent term had started. LSELove was a gateway to find other people like me: women-loving-women, Marxists, black people, and for that I’ll always be grateful. But as my so-called ‘fame’ grew, so did the backlash. I can definitely deal with people saying mean things to me but at least have the decency to do it in person.

I think what annoyed me the most is someone suggesting that I was only using the page for publicity for my supposed candidacy in Lent term elections. Newsflash: I already ran for a position in Michaelmas term and I won; I don’t want more work. Hiding behind LSELove to insult me is small-dick energy. I’ll still check up on the page from time to time: it’s a pretty good overview of what needs to improve at LSE, but I’ll be keeping more of my quips to my friends.


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