Lacuna – Filling the Gap

lacuna | ləˈkjuːnə |

noun (plural lacunae | ləˈkjuːniː | or lacunas)

1 an unfilled space; a gap

Lacuna is a literary magazine based at the London School of Economics. The magazine has set out to create a distinct and essential platform for young non-binary and women of colour to express themselves. At a time when criticism and questioning of safe spaces is becoming more commonplace, Lacuna calls attention to the experiences, thoughts and stories that are often silenced or brushed aside. Aiming to give young writers the legitimacy they deserve, Lacuna takes pride in respecting the authenticity of the work it publishes and providing its writers with a strong community in which to interact and learn from one another.

The magazine’s second issue is centred around the theme of ‘Space’, reflecting a desire to challenge its writers with an abstract theme that has limitless potential. The theme is expansive, much like literal space, offering writers the freedom to explore an array of subjects, from celestial bodies, to growing up with a lack of space of their own, to sweet memories of personally sacred spaces. This issue is rich with carefully crafted poems and short stories, that are all testament to the importance of listening to those voices in the back of the room, for they give us perspectives that we’ve never considered or even knew existed.

Following the success of the magazine’s first issue, Lacuna’s second issue is set to be launched on Tuesday, January 29th. The launch party will be free to attend and the first 50 arrivals will get a free copy to take home! The venue is TBC so follow Lacuna’s Instagram and Facebook page for updates. A digital copy will be available to buy on the website from February 6th.

Instagram: @lacunalit

Facebook: LacunaLit


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