LSE Limelight #14: LSE in a new decade with Director Shafik

“There are pre-existing mechanisms where people can give feedback if they have concerns about their roles. I think that’s the proper way of dealing with these issues rather than insinuations and allegations.” – Dame Minouche ShafikDirector of LSE.

In this episode of LSE Limelight, we talk to Director Shafik about the LSE in a new decade by examining the three pillars of the 2030 Shape the World strategy. We talk about climate education at LSEdonations from organisations with ties to authoritarianism and her reaction to The Beaver’s reporting on the experiences of LSE cleaners.

Presented and produced by Yasmina O’Sullivan.

This is LSE Limelight from the Beaver Sound. We bring you all the best stories from students and groups around campus. Subscribe to us on Spotify!


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