Meet the Candidates 2022 – Activities and Development Officer

As election season rolls around again, the big sabbatical officer positions next year are up for grabs. To help students make better sense of the SU elections, The Beaver talked to candidates to find out why we should vote for them.  

Polls open on Monday 21 March and close on Thursday 24 March. To make your voice heard, vote online at  

Why are you running for this role?

Romane BranthommeI am running for Activities and Development officer because I loved my time here at LSE and this was mainly thanks to my involvement in clubs and societies. From my experiences as AU Executive and Club Captain, I have learnt so much about how the SU works and I believe this makes me a very good candidate for the role! It’s easier to implement change and improve our student union for someone who already knows how it works.
Gabby TarrantI am running for this role because being at university for 3 years and having active roles in clubs and societies I understand how important they are for student life. I would like the opportunity to give back to the student experience by enhancing and expanding clubs and societies, making the changes that I as a student wanted to see. I also want to be a key part of making sure that students not only have the best experience but feel as safe and welcomed into the SU as possible.

What do you want to achieve?

Romane BranthommeOne of my main goals is to find a Big Sponsor for the Athletics Union as a whole and hopefully get more funds for clubs from it. This will also leave more funds for societies! I also aim to increase women and postgrad involvement in student groups, as members but also as leaders by making the MT elections a huge deal on campus!
Gabby TarrantI will bring the ‘Gift of the GAB’ into the SU next year: Grow, Achieve, Belong. For Grow will expand events and fixtures by reducing undergraduate Wednesday class, expanding freshers fair with club and society showcases and centralising varsity. For Achieve I will celebrate Clubs and societies through monthly awards. I will also collaborate with LSE careers connecting them to career opportunities, especially for the exec. Lastly, for Belong, I will make the SU the safest and most welcoming place by increasing the role of outreach, collaborating with peer support and encouraging more students to get involved with our campaigns.

What makes you right for this role?

Romane BranthommeI sincerely believe I can be a precious adviser for students next year and especially to the future AU president and Execs. I have already organised all our traditional events this year and I can save them so much time by giving them tips! They will be able to focus on expanding their campaigns and creating new events for everyone.
Gabby TarrantI know what  improvements students want and can effectively communicate their issues with the Students Union to create the changes needed. As Hockey President I saw the difficulties of our teams in getting commitment to Wednesday fixtures due to class, an issue I know many other clubs shared. Additionally I understand the difficulties of running a club or society and apply my knowledge of this process and the interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills to this role. Also, I see the importance of clubs and societies to student wellbeing so although the role of outreach exists it is not always utilised.

 What differentiates you from other candidates? 

Romane BranthommeI think my knowledge about the AU really makes me a special candidate!
Gabby TarrantI believe as SU sports administrator I understand the inner workings and processes of the SU. I would regularly be in contact with clubs to help them with their issues and difficulties they encounter in the day to day running of their clubs. It has also helped me to understand the wider community in the SU and how clubs and societies are run and handled. So, I will successfully communicate with clubs and societies to undertake their needs. Additionally I am welcoming and chatty making me an easy person for students to chat about their problems.

Credit: Candidate and title pictures supplied from SU website.


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