People’s Vote March: Hundreds of Thousands rally in London

Last week, protesters gathered in Parliament Square in demand of a “People’s Vote” on any final Brexit deal that comes into fruition.

On the scene

The “March for the Future” began in Park Lane where thousands gathered before it even began. With the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan starting the march, a host of MPs, political party leaders and celebrities joined in. This incurred a huge turnout of approximately 700, 000 attendees making it one of the biggest demonstrations of its kind in the new millennium.

The tweet from Sidiq Khan was trending all day on Saturday

A flood of signs and home-made banners dominated the skies. Among those were slogans of simplicity like, “let us vote again”, “better together” and “less emoting, more voting” while, some were harsher such as, “this is Brexsh*t”. Such opinions complement recent polls conducted by Ipsos MORI where 78% of people were discouraged about Theresa May’s ability to strike a sufficient Brexit deal.

The future is young

Among the many participants were students and young people, some who were not even old enough to vote in the 2016 Referendum. One LSE student who took part in the march was Lauren Darwent, a member of the Women in Politics society. Darwent positively vouched for the young turnout saying: “it was really appropriate to have many young people speaking as we have been a significant force driving the campaign, and it is our generation who could face the consequences of leaving the EU following a deal we did not vote for”.

Even though, May has stated that she will not authorise a national final vote for a Brexit deal, the people have clearly addressed their dismay.


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