RAG hosts annual fundraiser fashion show for charity partners

By Florentina Dasgupta

On 7 February, LSE’s creative community and RAG presented the university’s second charity fashion show. The night was described as “an overwhelming success” by an attendee in terms of both organisation and fundraisers. Hosted across both the Marshall Building and the SU Venue, the event raised around £5000 for the charity partners.

The team of organisers was led by event manager Joanna Zackenfels and supported by creative director Caley-Maria Cavan and creative manager Joseph Spencer Glover, drew attention to the need for greater love for people and the environment through the medium of fashion, the theme of the show being ‘Beauty of Nature’. This was conveyed through the main collections, inspired by the city, ocean, forest, as well as one collection titled ‘sublime’ by the directors, and the use of upcycled materials and second-hand clothing, which reflected ideas of sustainability and caring for the planet. Tash Arora, who attended the show, commented that “ the soundscape and visuals paired with the collections brought the looks to life.”

Also included in its social messages was a more inclusive representation of beauty, with a diverse group of models from LSE. Furthermore, models from several of LSE’s cultural societies were featured, dressed in traditional clothing. The show provided a platform for its charity partners, Fat Macy’s, Stonewall, and Safe Passage, to articulate the missions of their respective organisations.

The show also marked an occasion where creativity is celebrated and promoted at LSE. An organiser commented that “Despite the stereotype of the university being full of ‘finance bros’, the team of talented stylists, hair and makeup artists, set designers, and much more delivered an unforgettable evening enjoyed by the whole LSE community.”

The creative director, Caley-Maria Cavan, said that “creativity will always be important, no matter what industry you’re in”, expressing her hope that the show would bring attention to a sphere that she believes is largely neglected by the upper management of LSE.

As the evening wrapped up, members of various Athletics Union (AU) societies walked the runway, and for the final round the audience was invited to participate in the Audience Showcase.

Photograph by Natasha Arora

Florentina covers RAG's annual charity fashion show


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