LSESU’s Dance Society presents Take Off: the Winter Term Dance Showcase

By Anta Ndiaye

On 18 March, the LSESU Dance Society organised its annual Winter Dance Showcase in the Peacock Theatre. This year’s showcase, ‘Take Off’, let the audience embark on a journey of excitement and joy throughout the evening. 

In collaboration with the LSESU Korean Entertainment Society and the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, the event was presented by Adriana Beattie, President of the Athletics Union, and Elisa Sangrar, former Social Secretary of Dance Society. 

A variety of dances and themes were delivered throughout the night. From hip-hop to Afro dance, ballet, and even Bollywood, the dances conveyed narratives of unity, harmony, and journeys beyond graduation. “It was a very pleasing diversity of different dance forms, cultures, and even performers, all celebrated in the span of one night, which was remarkable,” said a student who attended the event. 

As one of Dance Society’s main events, the dances featured choreography from both professional teachers and talented students. One of the dances, which was inspired by Barbie, was choreographed by Jack William Parry, who himself had a role in the 2023 film. 

Lydia Zhu, Captain of Vybe, Dance Society’s hip-hop crew, stated, “The preparation for the showcase was quite stressful. In the end, after hearing applause from the audience, and seeing fellow dancers proud of themselves, I knew that all the effort had paid off.” 

The evening ended with remarks from Dance Society President Natalie Tan and Vice President Luca Baffa, who thanked the audience for their participation. Both also extended appreciation to the dancers and the committee for their hard work in making the showcase a success.

Anta reports on the WT Dance Showcase, hosted by the LSESU Dance Society.


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