Thank you for the Music (Society)

What can I say about LSE: at times it’s a cold, clinical, money churning machine. But at the heart of its mechanics are the friends you make along the way. And for me in particular, it’s music at LSE that helps me get my butt off my mattress and makes me actually do something worthwhile with my life. And especially as someone who has a directorial role in the music society, I’ve picked up most of my management/leadership skills from the experience I’ve had leading my own music group, and was granted an up-close peek into the dangerous world of negotiation that is SU room bookings.

But jokes aside, one of the few things that make me look forward to another week of university is the knowledge that I’m also going to be practising with some of the most talented individuals I’ve ever met, and honestly, if I don’t have that, there’s nothing stopping me from burying myself in a ton of unnecessary readings and falling asleep in the library.

All in all, LSE would be the last place on earth you would expect to find a thriving music culture, but we make do with what we have. And to me, studying a subject I genuinely enjoy is but a consolation to making music with a bunch of nerds 4 hours a week.


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