The Beaver’s sex playlist: bangity bang

Illustration by Raphaelle Camarcat

I Said-a-Bang, Bang, Bangity Bang, I Said-a-Bang Bang Bangity Bang

DISCLAIMER: Although some songs may appear on both lists, this is not my sex playlist. Mine has way more Shakira.

As the in-house music review writer, it appears to be my duty (or honour?) to create the Beaver’s official sex playlist. These songs will turn any so-so hookup into a sheet-tangling mind blower straight out of The Notebook (specifically the scene where Noah and Allie, after so many years stare into each others eyes and their souls connect and it’s so beautiful and then they bang). 

How does one create a sex playlist I hear you ask? Great question. You want to know the song, but not love it to the point that you start singing along. It should be motivating, but not so upbeat that you’re exhausted by the first chorus. It’s a plus if there are deep lyrics as long as you stay far away from the devastatingly depressing or overly-romantic (those are best left for break-ups or weddings).

This playlist may not appeal to you in the slightest, and that’s okay. Sex playlists are typically a private, personal item where you keep songs that are specific to you. Moods can also change – different atmospheres require different tunes. Take a look though –  you might find a nice track for a good night. 

Tracklist (in no specific order): 

Deep End – River Tiber

The Weekend – SZA

Warm on a Cold Night – HONNE

Redbone – Childish Gambino

Exchange – Bryson Tiller

Skin – Mac Miller

South – Galimatias

Vete – Biig Piig (with Mac Wetha)


Ugotme – Omar Apollo

Speedracer – CAPYAC

Get You – Daniel Ceasar (feat. Kali Uchis)

Waves – glibs

Too Deep – dvsn

I’m Sorry – Swell (feat. Shiloh)

Planet God Damn – Mac Miller (feat. Njomza)

Special Affair – The Internet

Untitled (How Does It Feel) – D’Angelo

Chanel – Frank Ocean

Lights On – H.E.R.


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