The LSE Starter Pack #1: Social Life at LSE

“Sometimes you might find yourself trying to be different things, different characters and it’s about finding people who your own character matches with. There might be a lot of puzzle pieces that won’t fit but you’ve got to keep trying” – Luis Maria Campos Ferreira, 3rd year Social Policy.

In this episode, we explore social life at LSE. We speak to Judah and Luis about introductions and meeting people in your first weeks, Lina and Caroline about societies, and Lucy and Isra about fitting in. Presented and Produced by Yasmina O’Sullivan. Music by ‘anybodyy’ check them out on Spotify.

This is ‘The LSE Starter Pack’ from Beaver Sound. We bring you the real introduction to starting life at LSE. Subscribe to us on Spotify to hear more from us! 

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