The Post-Grad Experience

Written by Bilal Bin Saqib, Post-Graduate Officer 2018-2019

During my experience as a Post-Graduate Officer, I have had an immensely wonderful time working with the management team at the Students’ Union and addressing the concerns of students to the authorities. However, my primary concern was to enhance students’ experience on campus to build a society where students of all backgrounds and diverse fields feel connected and heard. 

Especially for PostGraduate students, who constitute 60% of the students’ population at LSE, the Students’ Union biggest challenge for the upcoming year is to engage these students into activities building a network of widely diverse student body, utilising their talents and abilities in arranging events and providing them a platform where they feel connected to the institution’s mission of improving the world through better understanding. This is only possible when equal opportunities for engagement and networking are given to the majority of the students’ population on campus and Students’ Union has the potential of bringing it into reality. Hence, postgraduate students must be actively involved in social activities and events providing them not only the chances of networking but also learning under one roof from professionals and experts of today. 

It is due to the LSESU’s sheer efforts of creating an atmosphere for students which has led LSE itself believe in its mission of being a “world-leading” institute where students are not just academically trained through a world-class educational experience but are also given chances to connect to a wide range of students’ body enjoying a global experience of networking. Hence, the challenges faced by LSESU are stepping stones for the union to help the students become the best versions of themselves during their time at LSE.


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