Two Strangers (Carry a Cake Across New York)


By Ophelie Loge

Two Strangers (Carry a Cake Across New York) is a real gem of a musical. We embark on a journey which follows Robin (Dujonna Gift) and Dougal (Sam Tutty) across New York City. Dougal, a young Englishman, gets invited to his father’s wedding in New York – a man whom he idealizes, yet has never met. There, he meets Robin, a city-native working as a waitress. They get to know each other while cruising the streets of the Big Apple. Although they come from two very different worlds, both have to deal with the difficulties of young adulthood and this special meeting helps them navigate those bumps on the road. 

It is a real feel-good musical: a heartwarming story that is filled with beautiful songs and laughter, with extremely well-written dialogue.The set design is also very creative, as it features a stack of luggage that once opened up, becomes various places such as a wardrobe, a restaurant, or the subway. Gift and Tutty work extraordinarily well together and they succeed in delivering a dynamic, funny, and emotional performance. 

Illustration by Mithalina Taib

Everybody wants to find love in the big city - but it's not always love at first sight. Ophélie reviews this heartwarming story about two strangers who are just trying to make it work.


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