What’s In Vogue: Our Top Three

By Rhea Jethwa and Kaviesh Kinger 

After a year of being your Social Editors, we come to you over-saturated with choice: filled to the brim with critiques, reviews and discussions of all the things our writers have loved, hated and missed. Having spoilt our readers with endless discussions on fashion, lifestyle, love and recipes- it’s time to continue the tradition for one final time. For our 75th issue, the Social Editors bring you our Top 3. After much deliberation and discussion, we have settled on the three things that keep us going: Matcha, Mid Men and of course, Chicken Shops. 

In the post-Emma Chamberlain era, where the Queens of Erewhon and Clean Girl Aesthetics run the show: it is no doubt that matcha came on this list. Having lived in London for some time now, we have moved away from the Starbucks addiction that once defined our Tumblr, King Kylie identities. I mean realistically, who is even drinking Starbucks in 2024? Instead, matcha defines the it-girls of the upcoming decade. Light, refreshing, caffeinated and pretty, a Blank Street iced vanilla matcha with oat milk is the ultimate accessory. Pair it with a monochromatic outfit, or even with something more striking and maximalist- matcha goes with all. Looking for something sweeter for a special occasion, go for the Iced Blueberry Matcha. We do give an honorary mention to our Princesses of Knightsbridge enjoying their Cafe Kitsune’s (but we all know it tastes terrible) and our Cool Girls trekking down to East London for their morning Jenki and Spitalfields Brunch. While the freshly stirred matcha in Jenki remains unmatched and the Kitsune energy is perfect for a morning debrief- Blank Street remains at the top. Close to Holborn station and easy to find, Blank Street matcha is an everyday essential. Kitsune and Jenki end up framing you, coming with their predetermined aesthetic labels. But you define Blank Street- all styles are welcome there. 

Now, when looking for love (or a short-term distraction) we believe mid men are where it’s at; the boys who didn’t receive attention in abundance at school, meaning they actually had the time to develop a personality. No one hard launches their dates now anyway, so you don’t have to worry about what he’ll look like on your instagram. But a date with a mid man will actually allow you to discuss yourself, and any common interests you might share – rather than having to listen to a 10/10 explain every photo in his camera roll. If you’re lucky your mid date may not only be interesting, but the years of being brushed over might have forced him to develop a sense of humour. In which case you should keep hold of that man because they’re rare in the modern dating pool, and what more could you ask for than a man who cares about what you have to say and can make you belly-laugh. And just to point out, a mid man who carries himself well, takes care of himself and has good style is an instant 10/10 anyway. 

Finally on our list is the classic that we can never deny. While we are sure this is the first time ‘Vogue’ and ‘Chicken Shops’ will be used in the same sentence, we are here to defend a freshly fried warm meal till our graves. In need of a post-lecture snack? The Holborn Chicken Hub has thinly sliced and perfectly spiced fries, while Wrights Bar will give you the ideal pick-me-up in the form of thick chips. Coming back from the club and in need of some company while you take your makeup off and watch Netflix? Your trusty corner-side chicken shop will stay open, never judging you for going to three Sways in a row. Our favourite however has to be Phat Bite. Located in the South of London, this halal and elevated chicken shop offers you classics with a sprinkle of masala. They fuse South Asian, Middle-Eastern and classic British flavours to give you food like never before: Masala Fries, Paneer Burgers and Grilled Meat Platters. 

There you have it, our top three picks. To close off we wanted to add that we’ve enjoyed using this platform to share our own opinions and also give spotlight to other creative discussions; and we hope that you take what we have to say completely seriously and shape your whole personality around it. 

Illustration by Mithalina Taib 

Social Editors give their top three choices for their final article.


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