“Hey there! Do you have money to pay monthly?
We are planning to start an insurance scheme to keep you healthy.”
The farmer hesitated and looked in doubt
“You mean for my family, who is facing a drought?”
“Yeah, well, that is God’s order,
But we can help you prevent your health disorder”
The farmer searched his house for ten,
As the men stood outside with a gun pointed at his hen.
He gave the money to these men,
Who reminded him they would be back next month end.
Next month the men came and pestered the farmer without shame.
“Come on, give us your share
You know this is for you, you know we care”
The farmer who was helpless,
and due to drought was rendered cashless,
asked “what will you do when you don’t find me next time?”
“We will roast your hen and make a feast.
So don’t worry about that, at least.
You know this is for you, you know we care,
Now come on, give us your share.”

Deepjyot Kaur

Pursuing Masters in Health and ID, I enjoy writing poetry on social issues. This poem is based on the theme- public-sector health insurance scheme.


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