3ShotsOfTequila – expect everything ★★★★

The best way to drink tequila is in shot form, getting you hooked immediately and drunk quicker. Marvin Abbey, Keith Dube, and Tazer Black have a similar effect – one minute into their podcast, 3ShotsOfTequila, you’ll be addicted to their light-hearted and hilarious conversations. 

So, if you are already bored of that Spotify playlist you created last week, or are endlessly scrolling through the same films and TV shows on Netflix: try something different on your way to uni. 

The banter between Marvin, Keith, and Tazer could only come from people who have known each other for a long time. Be it sex, uni stories, black heritage, conspiracy theories, or women’s toilets they have conversations about absolutely anything. No other podcast is quite the same. 

Initially, it seems like you are eavesdropping on a conversation. However, they cleverly draw you in as you learn to understand their inside jokes, particular humour, and fast-paced conversations. 3ShotsOfTequila makes you feel like one of them. 

A personal favourite of mine is an episode titled ‘China’s 1 Child Policy, FYRE Festival & Melodramatic African Parents’. If the title is a testament to anything, it is the diversity and randomness of the content. 

While the prospect of listening to a 90-120 minute podcast is daunting at first, there are topics to suit all interests, particularly for those seeking some respite from university. 

Don’t miss 3ShotsOfTequila wherever you get your podcasts!


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