A Brief Guide to the Best Bathrooms on Campus

by Anna Berkowitz

If you’re like me and enjoy taking your time in the bathroom, you deserve the best of the best! Here are my top three bathrooms at LSE, based on nothing but my own experiences, with a dishonourable mention thrown in for good measure. A short disclaimer: These are all women’s bathrooms. Sorry men, you’ll have to do your own review. 

Third place: The Fawcett Building bathrooms 

This is your standard school bathroom. Slightly cold, a little dark, with some sinks that only dispense cold water, but with nice functioning hand dryers. It gets a few points for reminding me of my American public school. 

Second place: The sixth floor bathroom in the Old Building

This toilet near the Anthropology department and down the hall from the Shaw Library is a hidden gem, partly because it’s so hard to find. You’ve got to make the right turns, and there is only one tiny sign indicating where to go. It’s a single bathroom, always clean, and nobody is ever up there. Forget those awkward encounters when the door swings open just as you are walking in and you run right into a stranger. This is the place to go if you just need to get some space away from people for a few glorious minutes. 

First place: The bathrooms in the Centre Building above floor two 

If your department is based here, you’re already ahead. They have a far superior set-up, which I personally believe should be adopted worldwide. You enter a hallway, and there is a row of self-contained stalls – sinks and all! The privacy is really unmatched, making it a good spot for a cry after a particularly horrible office hours meeting.

Dishonourable mention: The basement bathrooms in 20 Kingsway 

Yes, I know they are in the process of renovating the bathrooms on floors one to five, but in the meantime, there is only one toilet in the basement. It’s dark, dank, cramped, and you always look a little distorted in the mirror. Also, there are some lovely gaps between the stall door and the wall, so unless you like people watching you, stay away.


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