Angelina Jolie Visits the Suffragists Towers

Photo taken from LSE Centre on Women, Peace, and Security.

On 11 October 2019, LSE welcomed Hollywood actress and activist Angelina Jolie to campus. Her appearance, though brief, had a great impact, as she delivered a lecture focusing on the different aspects of violence against women and girls, as well as discussing the policy changes to be implemented in order to protect women who are victims of abuse.

Although her arrival may come as a surprise to some students, the actress is one of LSE’s visiting professors. In fact, Jolie’s relationship with the LSE dates as far back as 2015, where she and Conservative politician William Hague launched the UK’s first academic Centre on Women, Peace and Security, aimed at contributing to global women’s rights issues.

This is Jolie’s third year visiting the university and her presence on campus did not go unnoticed. One student made a comment on her appearance on LSELove: “Perks of going to the LSE: casually walking around campus and bumping into Angelina Jolie.” 

The only way to have Angelina Jolie as your lecturer is to apply for a postgraduate degree in Women, Peace and Security – or settle for catching a glimpse of her on campus!

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