“Big Little Lies”: troubling themes done well

Centred around the well-trodden topics of motherhood and relationships, HBO’s “Big Little Lies” proves a fascinating and addictive mini-series that all should make time to see. Its success can partly be attributed to its avoidance of archetypal characters too often seen on screen. This worked unexpectedly well in making the characters more believable and realistic, and the stories so immersive that the audience feels they are no longer passively observing them.

Despite several characters’ significant affluence, the writing skilfully creates a strong sense of empathy throughout, even in the most trivial circumstances. This is furthered by powerful performances from a very talented, Emmy-winning cast including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Alexander Skarsgård. Much is accomplished in this seven-episode series, through the multiple concurrent and interlocking storylines, providing a uniquely satisfying viewing experience.

What makes “Big Little Lies” such an important series are its efforts to address significant societal issues too often deemed taboo. The series does so much more than entertain by handling discussions on domestic abuse without glorification or excess, but nonetheless with the necessary power to ensure the topics are not watered down or undermined. By exploring these themes “Big Little Lies” became profoundly informative, setting it apart from other shows. Scenes featuring such important subject matter are carefully brought to the screen with excellent editing, consequently heightening the intensity in emotionally charged scenes.

Your interest will be piqued by the mysterious death presented at the very start of the series, but you will soon find yourself staying for much more profound reasons.


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