Bring Me The Horizon’s “amo” sets an evolutionary bar for the rock genre

Bring Me The Horizon are a unique band. Since their debut album in 2006, every forthcoming release differs to their previous work. With their sixth studio release, amo presents another directional shift that shakes up the rock genre for the better.

Each song is different from the rest by meddling with multiple genres and creative sounds. Many tracks try to communicate the complicated nature of love and loss. From the catchy and vintage vibes of the Grammy-nominated ‘MANTRA’ to the Ed Sheeran-esque ‘in the dark’, each song has its own identity. Even the pop-sounding ‘medicine’ fits well by retaining the loud and bash nature Bring Me The Horizon is known for. Backlash was expected towards this more techno-centric route the band have taken with amo. But ‘heavy metal’ cleverly plays with this, embedding the irony within the overall theme of the album.

Grimes returns to her earlier mellow and eerie tone in her feature on ‘nihilist blues’, perfectly complemented by the heavy beat throughout. And Dani Filth provides a fun cameo on ‘wonderful life’, which harks back to classic Bring Me The Horizon songs of the late 2000s. Even the interludes of ‘ouch’ and ‘fresh bruises’ are filled with exciting and punchy creativity.

The album is a perfect follow-up to That’s The Spirit, showcasing the band’s fresh creative direction. Fuelling a dynamic juxtaposition between electro and classic rock, the amo presents a step forward for the rock genre as a whole, while showing that Bring Me The Horizon are one of the best musical groups in the industry today.

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