Cocktail Society’s Absinthe Masterclass with ENVY Spirits

In celebration of the Cocktail Society’s very first event, this article is here to fill you in on everything you missed out on if you did not attend…

We had the pleasure of hosting George Rowley, owner of La Fée Absinthe and the pioneer of the absinthe revival movement, who claims that if you have ever drunk absinthe it is his “fault”. In this evening masterclass, we learnt all about the ingredients behind and production of the two types of absinthe – verte and blanche – as well as how best to drink them. The Swiss, blanche absinthe only requires the addition of a few drops of water to dilute the 53% alcohol by volume (ABV) liquid, which in turn will create a louche effect in the glass. The more hard-core French, vert absinthe involves balancing an ‘absinthe spoon’ on top of a glass and placing a sugar cube on top, followed by the dripping of ice water on to the sugar cube. This presentation serves to sweeten the 68% ABV liquid in a way that will efficiently dissolve the sugar, but now has become synonymous with the drink itself; all guests of the event were fortunate enough to be gifted with their own absinthe spoon, curtesy of Mr. Rowley. We sampled both types of absinthe throughout the evening as well as an absinthe based cocktail and a selection of ENVY-branded spirits, all of which left us leaving in jovial spirits.

Before the international bans of absinthe in early part of the 20th century, absinthe was ubiquitous and the likes of Clause Monet, Franklin Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde and Frank Sinatra were all avid consumers of the potent drink. Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors including scientific warnings regarding psychoactive effects (based on very little research), the rise of the temperance movement, backlash from the French wine industry and the outbreak of the First World War, absinthe was made illegal in most of Europe and the United States. The bans persisted for around one hundred years until George Rowley decided it was time to change! Now, La Fée Absinthe is sold to and drunk by the likes of Johnny Depp,, Damien Hirst, Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese and most importantly, LSESU Cocktail Society.

Did you miss out on this event? Don’t worry!

The Cocktail Society has got a whole host of exciting events lined up this year so buy your membership to be sure you won’t miss out again! Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram ( @lsecocktailsociety) to be in the loop.

Upcoming Events:

  • We have partnered up with Management Society and Bacchus Wine Society for a Christmas boat party. Buy your tickets here! (Tuesday 28 November, departing at 19.15 from Tower Pier.
  • Every other week we hold a ‘Casual Cocktails’ meet up to sample local cocktail happy hours. To be in the know – Like us on Facebook!


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