Why collab with RAG (Raising and Giving)? If your society is yet to team up with us, here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing…

1. BIGGER EVENTS. Rag has contacts throughout London (from Freshers Week, Rag Week and beyond) whom we can get in touch with to plan nights out and day events combining the social events of your society with raising and giving.

2. COMPETITION. Putting forward teams for Rag events like Gets Lost, Hitch and Jailbreak gives a chance to compete with (and team up with!) other societies throughout the university, meaning the chance to have some friendly competition with your friends in other societies.

3. TRAVEL. Over half of us have come from abroad and we live in one of the most international cities in the world. It’s safe to say the majority of our societies members like travelling, or at least can appreciate a holiday. Supporting Rag and getting involved in the Challenges abroad like the Macchu Picchu trek, London to Paris cycle and climb to Everest Base Camp is something many of us just need the nudge of knowing other members of your society are going in order to sign up, and raising donations is sooo much easier as a team effort.

4. PROMO. Promotion for the society supporting us as part of Rag’s regular social media presence, emails, posters and the like benefits both your society and us!

5. RAISING AND GIVING. It’s a laugh this raising money for charity business – if you don’t use ”it’s for charity!” as an excuse to make a fool of yourself, when will you?

So we hope you’ll agree there’s a lot to be gained getting your society involved. Have a new reason to bRAG about your own society – contact su.rag@lse.ac.uk or tweet us at @lsesurag!

[RAG (Raising and Giving) is the charity arm of LSE Students’ Union. We support and facilitate student fundraising across campus.]


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