Colette, a modern soul in an old-fashioned world

The married life of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette is the story of a modern soul in an old fashioned world. She was engaged to Willy, an established writer, who overshadowed her. Set in Paris in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Gabi faces the societal games and hypocritical dances of a macho world.

This eponymous movie narrates the figure of Colette with eternal themes in which a  marginalised individual seeks to find a way to the beating heart of society and the self. Gabrielle is curious yet entrapped, writing for a husband she is overshadowed by. She is her husband’s ghostwriter and somehow his ‘tool’ to success. 

Colette writes a series of novels based on the life of Claudine, a girl from the countryside, who is no one but herself. As a consequence of being neglected by her husband, she pours her entire soul into writing. While she remained in the curtains of her husband’s fame for a while, she finally pushes her way through the crowd into the dazzling spotlight, transforming the theatrical medium into her expressive and revolutionary space.The young lady not only modernised a Parisian milieu, she contributed to the changing face of the world where women progressively acquired a distinctive voice of their own. Colette may have sought to overthrow the murky space where “man is the wolf of man”, as Hobbes had put it. 


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