Dear Crystal: My roommate and her man have really loud sex

Dear Crystal,
I’m a first year sharing a room. My roommate and I get on really well and have formed a great friendship in the few weeks we’ve been here. Only issue is, she has recently got herself a man. Well, that’s not an issue in itself and I’m happy for her! She asks if he can stay over and I’m fine with it as he’s a lovely guy. However, they have really loud sex every time he stays over, whilst I’m obviously in the room, as they must think I’m asleep.

I feel like a voyeur… how do I go about telling my roommate? I’m pretty sure they think I can’t hear them, so I can already feel the second-hand embarrassment.

Please let me know your advice,
From an exhausted, unintentionally-voyeuristic fresher

Dear exhausted, unintentionally-voyeuristic fresher,

You pay hundreds of pounds a month to live in very cramped and basic accommodation. You want to maximise your enjoyment and comfort in this small space. You need boundaries; you can’t say yes when she asks if her boyfriend can stay over if you know you’re bothered by their sexy times! It’s just as much your room as it is hers, and if she’s as decent as you describe her, she’ll understand. After all, if her man is worth anything he should have room to himself where they can continue their sexcapades.

Crystal Claire

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