Close your eyes and calm down, 

Run from thoughts that make you frown, 

You hear my voice and nothing more, 

And now – escape – as I count to four. 

One, imagine the place of your peace, 

Two, there, where anxieties cease, 

Three, you feel secure, safe and serene, 

Four, you are there, real but unseen. 

Amid this chaos, panic and fear, 

You are away, in rest, not near, 

Now I’ll tell you about my place of peace, 

Everything stops there, even the timepiece. 

In the childhood, I rarely felt placid, 

Quarrels, shouts and my parents’ acid, 

After the divorce it was better but now, 

I wasn’t needed, I was deserted somehow. 

I was okay and it didn’t break me at all,  

I had my shelter, my small brick wall, 

My dearest sister, who always held my hand, 

Who was my mum, dad; she was my heartland. 

She came to me, wiped away my tears, 

She was eight herself, tiny and full of fears, 

But we did it, we managed to survive, 

Besides, we have happy memories in our archive. 

So, in the end, where is my place of peace, 

To where I escape when I fall apart by the piece? 

It is the hotel balcony where we looked at the sunset, 

It is the swings where there was no one, only our duet. 

It is where we walked on the village streets, 

Shouting songs or just listening to beats, 

It is where at 5am we met the rosy dawn, 

My family is here, even so it is long gone. 

I hope by now you understand what I mean, 

There is no particular place or specific scene, 

It is with her, I feel like home, like family, 

It is where I belong; I am welcomed happily. 


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