Get reading this reading week

Reading week is fabulous. University mandated time off. I for one will be spending the week doing just that – reading.

  • Reading the menu of my favourite café to figure out which is my least guilty option.
  • Reading the labels at the bar in Wetherspoons now that the voucher books are out of date and I’ll have to start looking for the most units for the cheapest price again.
  • Reading texts from friends who’ve gone on holiday for the week whilst I am catatonic in my bedroom wearing polar bear pyjamas and eating stale shortbread.

Your mental health is pretty important. My advice is to get out there and enjoy yourself this reading week. Don’t wallow at your desk lamenting over how much you still have to do. Yes, it’s a great time to catch up on everything you’ve been putting off all term. But when you’re still lying in bed at midday wearing last nights clothes with the TV blaring, just remember your friends in the Finance department who had to go to uni at 9 AM for a 3-hour seminar on graphs or stats or something with numbers. Remember them and remember how lucky you are that you chose a qualitative degree. Pick up a book. Then treat yourself with a well-earned pint.


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