KSI spends £1200 at LSE in youtube challenge

by Zoe O’Logbon

YouTuber KSI visited LSE’s Centre Building. This was the target for his new YouTube video, “Sidemen Spend £100,000 in 1 hour” published on 11 November. 

KSI boasts over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and recently defeated Logan Paul in their second world-famous boxing match. The YouTuber was spotted by several students, some recognising him from his videos. Though his visit was short, he spent a grand total of £1200 during his time at LSE. 

KSI challenged passers-by to perform tasks for him. Miles McCollum, a second-year Economics student, told The Beaver, “One Russian bloke even managed to do fifteen genuinely impressive one-handed push-ups for a handsome reward of two hundred quid.” This reward was received after the ‘Russian bloke’ out-performed the first recipient, who was able to do 20 push-ups in 30 seconds, in the bid for £200. 

His spending did not end there. In his YouTube video, onlookers in front of Centre Building watched as he revealed £1000 from his bag, launching it into the sky whilst shouting “free cash for everyone!” His act drew the attention of many students and passers-by, who scrambled for the money, reaching for it as it fell on the ground.  

The video has since quickly gone viral with well over 8 million views. 

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