LSE Women’s Football: a Fresher’s week Decision you won’t regret.

Whilst we cannot as a Committee guarantee that your first week of the academic year at LSE has been filled with enlightened choices, what we will guarantee is the decision not to join Women’s Football will be the most regrettable of all.

To those who have exercised sound judgement over the past week, we congratulate you, and to those who haven’t, we pass no judgement. However, at this point we wish to make it clear that it is our firm belief that we are the best club on campus. Our banter is also pretty decent, far surpassing that of Boxing, Men’s FC and Futsal.

You may think the above claims are bold, audacious, perhaps even a little arrogant but as a club that welcomes players of all abilities, from Undergraduates to PhD students, offering both competitive and social sporting opportunities, a diverse range of events both here in London and abroad, it’s not arrogance, just honesty.

If you have not had the opportunity to play before, retired your boots and shin pads to the back of your wardrobe, or have previously participated in other sports, such as Netball, either at LSE or prior to joining us here, we would love to have you. We have been known to attract highly esteemed and decorated athletes of other sporting disciplines, who simply wanted to try something different, arguably better, and they haven’t looked back.

Even if part way through term you find yourself lost, bereft, berating yourself for not joining us sooner, seeing us in Zoo Bar wishing you were with us, join us. We can honestly say it genuinely is never too late, you can always do a Billie Selby, if you know what we mean.

To add substance to our claims and prove we’re not simply proponents of fake news and exaggerators of underachievement, here are a choice few of our crowning glories of the last year:

– Our newly formed Second Team crowned champions of their   LUSL division in their first year

– Partnership formed between the Club and Coram’s Fields to   provide football coaching for the young people at the facility

– Participated in two international tours of Toulouse (AU wide) andLisbon, which was entirely organised by the Club

– Significantly increased our membership to become one of the fastest growing clubs on campus

– Our First Team striker probably scored the most goals in the league, though BUCS were not in a position to verify this claim

For those sceptical that we don’t live up to our chat, that we’re all talk no game, then please we challenge you to give us a go, but be aware even if you don’t want to like us, you probably will.

If you find yourself even vaguely interested, amused, angered, surprised, enticed by any of the above then please visit our Facebook page (LSE Women’s Football), Instagram (lse_wfc) or speak to any of our committee around campus for further information.

Yours faithfully,

LSE WFC Committee 2017/18



Photo Caption: 2017/18 Club Captain Saskia Stomph featured embracing outgoing Club Captain and current BNOC Laura Chitty


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