Mischief Managed; RON prevails!

By Taryana Odayar, Executive Editor. 

We’ve just seen the conclusion of one of the most important nights in the LSE SU’s calendar – Election Results night – which took place at the SSH Venue. But more importantly, we’ve probably witnessed one of the most unpredictable and overwhelming nights with RON (Re-Open Nominations) claiming the coveted and highly prized Gen Sec spot! With a staggering 1000 plus votes, RON cleanly beat out both Maxwell and Rayhan Uddin, to the sheer delight and utter shock of the majority of students present.

Chants of “RON! RON! RON! RON!” filled the air with students jumping up and down and screaming with joy – except those in Maxwell’s and Uddin’s corners of course, who were seen looking at each other in wide-eyed disbelief. Both candidates now face the daunting prospect of considering whether or not to run again, and if so how they will need to change their campaign tactics in order to beat a faceless foe in the form of RON. Immediately after the results were announced, Maxwell stated that he was undecided on whether or not he would re-run, and Rayhan Uddin was lost from sight amongst the mass of flailing limbs. Both candidates have already been contacted with interview requests regarding the results, with Maxwell agreeing to be interviewed and Rayhan not having responded as yet.

LSE SU stated on their Facebook page that, “We are re-opening nominations for General Secretary. We will hold another election, the date of which will be announced tomorrow.” With the end of term fast approaching, the LSE SU cannot afford another RON victory, and if RON prevails a second time, we may for the first time ever be left without a Gen Sec winner to whom Nona Buckley-Irvine can pass the baton to.

The other Sabbatical positions were thankfully filled however, with Julia Ryland being elected Activities and Development Officer, Riham Mansour elected Community and Welfare Officer, and Jasmina Bidé elected Education Officer. The Part Time and Liberation Officer positions were also filled, with Sarah Foss elected as Anti-Racism Officer, Dhibla Mahamud as BME Students’ Officer, Muhammad Cassidy as Disabled Students’ Officer, Angharad Hopkinson as Environment and Ethics Officer, Meg Mohanka as International Students’ Officer, Perdita Blinkhorn as LGBT+ Students’ Officer, David Zhao as RAG President, Fathia Begum as Women’s Officer, and Liv Vaughan as AU President. The four elected members of the AU Executive were Jivan Navani, Lauren Godfrey, Joe Donaghey and Charlie Bullock, with the AU Executive Engagement Officer role going to Zoe Oakley. As for the Members of Boards and Committees, your new Democracy Committee is comprised of Valerie Kozlova, Mahatir Pasha, Peter Lyon, Sally Kershaw and Alex Clarke. The members of the Trustee Board include Julia Lawson-Johns, Dagmar Myslinska and Alexander Lye.

Without a doubt, one of the most intense, shocking and thoroughly unexpected nights in the history of LSE SU politics!


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