LSE has a reputation as a corporate factory where all the students do is study and try to get internships. In this mini-series, we will try to focus on other societies and student groups who do good.

Peer Supporters are a group of volunteer students who have undergone one week of intensive training with the LSE counselling service. Scattered around LSE halls and campus, the Peer Supporters are there to be a friendly shoulder for other students to lean on; they listen to any problems students have and show them where to get help. They run events throughout the year such as complimentary coffee and the mind apples stall.

People become Peer Supporters out of a genuine desire to help others. In doing so, they have formed their own community too to support each other in their role. To contrast the general negative approach that some students have towards LSE, Peer Supporter Regina Legarte says that the scheme has helped her “see more reasons for why people are actually kind of great”.

LSE can often seem like an isolating and stressful environment but creating a system where people can become interdependent allows a sense of community to be built. This can help everyone achieve their full potential and really get involved and appreciate their time at one of the leading Universities in the world.

In China, we have a saying, one stick is easily broken, but a bundle is virtually unbreakable. LSE can seem like a lonely place but if you can find your bundle, we can all have a better time here.

Peer Support Applications are now open.

Want to find your hall’s Peer Supporter? Find them here.

Need help? Contact Student Counselling Services at or go to a drop-in session every day at 2:45-3:45.


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