5 Romantic Date Spots

Bar hopping in Shoreditch, clubbing in Camden, chirpsing at a restaurant in Chelsea… what do these all have in common? You can’t afford them of course! Don’t worry, just because you’re broke doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo having a romantic life. Here are 5 fabulously free frolics for your next romantic escapade.

  • #1 Sky Garden (Nearest Tube: Monument)

London’s most elevated public green space is perfect for breathtakingly cinematic views of the city. The climate-controlled atmosphere means the garden stays green all year long and you get to breathe clean air, a rarity in London. Booking is required during daytime hours but walk-ins are welcome after 6pm.

  • #2 St Dunstan’s in the East (Nearest Tube: Monument)

Formerly a church designed by famous London architect Christopher Wren, this tiny garden is an oasis within the skyscrapers of the city. After being badly damaged during the Blitz, the structure was adapted into a green space whilst incorporating some of its original architectural features. It’s the perfect spot for a chill picnic and if the date goes sour, you’ll have very insta-worthy photos.

  • #3 Sir John Soane’s Museum (Nearest Tube: Holborn)

Right around the corner from us at Lincoln’s Inn Fields is home to this very quaint space. The historical London residence of famous architect Sir John Soane now houses all the weird artefacts he collected through his life. It’s one of those places that are way bigger on the inside than they look on the outside. Worst case scenario it is pretty easy to ditch someone in this place, it is a damn labyrinth.

  • #4 Wallace Collection (Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus)

This art gallery and its collection were formally bequeathed to the British nation by Lady Wallace in 1897. As such, it’s a pretty idyllic voyage into the aesthetics of 19th century British aristocracy. Love them or hate them, it’s guaranteed to get you talking.

  • #5 St. Bride’s Church (Nearest Tube: Blackfriars)

A church has stood on this site for over a thousand years, and it keeps getting destroyed but they just keep rebuilding it. It’s so old there are Roman crypts in the lower basement. I could literally talk about this place forever, and so could you, with your date.


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