Signing off from Reviews: Note from the Editors

By Inayah Inam and Vani Kant  

Personally when I started the section, I was looking for an extracurricular that would force me to critically engage with the content I was consuming and to build my confidence in writing. I can safely say that I leave Review with not just a more fortified sense of my writing ability and a clearer direction of where I would like my creative endeavours to go but also with a great many friends and fellow cinephiles who have made this year truly rewarding. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours and stay in touch no matter how far your path takes you away from the media centre. (Inayah Inam)

When I started editing for Review, I was but an inexperienced yet starry-eyed journalist with too much to say about a very select number of films and TV. I graduate from this position an incredibly anal editor with a much clearer sense of direction and a siginificantly wider collection of films and TV shows that I still have too much to say about. And for that, I am endlessly grateful. To Inayah for being the most incredible team partner to do this with, to our readers for clearing out our print issues off the shelves, and most importantly, to our wonderful staff writers. I’ve made more friends than I knew I had the social battery for, and have thoroughly enjoyed the way every Review meeting turned into a Socratic circle discussing fresh releases and the newest, juiciest, celebrity beef. I’m very grateful to continue my journey with the Beaver as Managing Editor this coming year, but Review will always hold a special place in my heart. To the new Editors, beware. I will be lurking. (Vani Kant)

Being able to initiate and witness the transformation the section has taken by going back to its roots of being a topical witty section providing refreshing takes on the hottest artistic productions, we’re very satisfied with the final product of Review this year.  This would not have been possible without our wonderful team of staff writers and the wider contributing team whose commitment and enthusiasm for the section has revived its popularity on campus and catalysed many friendships in the Beaver. 

We have listed the names of all the writers who have contributed to the section as our thanks and appreciation at their involvement and we encourage everyone to read their articles on our website and stay in touch! 

Thank you to (in alphabetical order): Angbeen Abbas, Aryan Aggarwal, Megha Alam, Syed Zaid Ali Syed Mudzhar, Henry Badger, Sonja Belkin, Anna Berkowitz, Lovneet Bhatt, Jack Beeching, Phi-Loan Biraud, Dominic Ede, Laila Eldarwish, Ela Heeley, Rachel Holmes, Vanessa Huang, Akhilesh Huria, Kieran Hurwood, Liv Kessler, Sachin Jhangiani, James Knudsen, Tilly Mason, Ellen McLean, Namrata Menon, Sweta Moda, Natasha Porter, Jessica Pretorius, Fabien Schmidt, Beatriz Silva, Klaudia Stefanksa, Manisha Thind, Vincent Wei, Lily Whittle, Jack Wood, Sharon Zheng.

We wish Ben Helme good luck for Review 22/23! We can’t wait to see what direction you take it in!  

Alvida. Khuda Hafiz. Goodbye! 


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