Sports, Community and other Rare Treasures

One thing I noticed in the SU elections was how all the candidates loved to talk about community. Activities & Development candidates competed over how many student events they could run. Gen Sec candidate Alex Selway focused his campaign on creating an LSE community. And the victorious Community and Welfare Officer David Gordon had the big idea of ‘wind down Wednesdays’, where LSE students could, well, ‘wind down’ together.

Of course, for many at LSE, finding a community can be difficult. Maybe, it’s the fact that there are a weird amount of people wearing suits on campus, but LSE life can feel like a soulless 9-5 job.

So, why is a sports editor badgering on about community and identity? Shouldn’t you be talking about football or something? I hear you say.  Well, the point, that I’m finally getting to, is that for many, sports is their LSE community. Well, at least if I believe all the drunken deep chats I’ve had with football team members about how much they love the FC.

And, it’s been rewarding, doing my little bit, to represent the sports community at LSE. Whether it’s the stories of the elites sports people of LSE or pictures of social members at Carol. It’s been nice profiling these experiences that mark, for many, the happy times of LSE.

Luke Gregorio


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