Swift Corporation releases New Taylor replicant line, discontinues predecessor

The global A.I. firm Swiftco® this week added a new model to its popular Replicant line of autonomous androids, under release name “The New Taylor Swift.” Swift showed its gratitude immediately by producing  a collection of “songs” known by humans as an “album.”

“Reputation” is available in all good stores worldwide. Representatives from Swiftco did not respond to a late-night comment request with regard to the title’s apparent irony, but sources high up in the company hoped the products would appeal to fans for their “subtlety and human-ness.” They claimed the new model, known internally as Prototype Ex, would never forget its lines, nor experience the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, common pitfalls experienced frequently by Swift’s human competitors.

“This is our most sincere-sounding product yet”, an excited Swiftco designer added. “I think Taylor’s fans are really going to connect with it.” Its revolutionary Beauty Sleep® setting will allow Taylor to tour more continents than ever. “At least theoretically, with enough charge, she could tour indefinitely,” another designer smiled. “By the end of this run, you won’t be able to avoid her.”







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